Our Expertise and Experience

Are you curious to know more about David Parks Designs? If yes, then start by meeting David Parks. Immerse yourself in a world of architectural artistry guided by this brilliant individual, who is a seasoned construction professional and licensed contractor. David Parks has a rich background in building, construction management, and residential home improvement design. With a degree from UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design and a decade-long tenure as the Manager of Construction Operations for the County of Santa Clara, David's expertise is unparalleled. He holds multiple certifications as a construction inspector, showcasing his mastery in the field.

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A living room with hard wood floors and white walls.

Our Approach and Process

Our approach at David Parks Designs revolves around you, the client. We initiate the journey with a complimentary home visit, delving into the possibilities of transforming your existing space into a legal Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Following this exploration, we provide a detailed estimate of our fees and present a comprehensive proposal of our plan preparation and permit acquisition services. Once agreed upon, the transformative magic of creating your dream space begins, blending creativity and practicality in every architectural endeavor.